Housel Fun & Fitness Programs

Summer Visits

We run fitness classes and fitness shows for camps.  We plan our programs to meet the needs of your camp. We take into account the age of your participants, the size of your groups, and the space that you have available. 

Library Visits

We pick books having to do with the summer reading theme, read a little to the kids, and then transform the books into safe, active games, activities, and dances.  Each child will leave with a reading list and a smile!

Staff Training

If you are looking for long, boring, wordy staff development, and "bored-to-tears" staff members then our workshops are not for you! WE ONLY KNOW HOW TO MAKE LEARNING FUN!    

School Assemblies

 Our show is designed to EMPOWER your students to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.  We will educate your staff and students!  There will be tons of audience participation, laughs, and surprises in store! 

Scout Programs

 We will help your scouts earn their fitness badges.  We run fitness classes and shows for large and small groups.  Our goal is to inspire your scouts to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.  We will tailor our program to meet the needs of your scouts!

Birthday Parties

You provide the location and we provide the FUN!  We plan fun, safe fitness activities, games, and dances that go along with any theme that you choose.  We will tailor our parties to meet the needs of your guests  For ages 4 and up.