All of our programs are interactive and designed to build confidence by addressing EVERY participant's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well being. We challenge ALL abilities regardless of talent/experience levels. We address character education in all of our programs. We inspire and empower kids to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


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2020 Summer Reading Program Show - "Giants, Kings, and Mythical Things"



We are very excited for this year's Fantasy theme!! Our interactive show will stress the importance of READING! We will pick 5 books that have to do with this year’s Fantasy Theme. For each book we read just enough of the story to get the kids longing for more and then we will turn each book into a fun game, dance, or activity. At the end of each show every child leaves with reading list of the books we used in the show (and a SMILE)! We try to only use books that we find at local libraries, so parents don’t have to spend money to find the books that we used in our show. 

Just some of the activities we have planned are; Soundscape where kids make their own stories come to life, Giants, Elves, and Wizards, Castle Building, Unicorn Tag and MORE!!!

Fun & Fitness Library Programs


 We will get your participants moving using FUN, safe, and interactive games, relays, and activities.  Our classes are play-based while stressing the importance of living a healthy active lifestyle.  We take into account the size and age of your group and the size of the play area available and plan classes to meet the needs of your library. 

Library Dance Parties


We run interactive dance parties for libraries.  Book us for your summer reading kick off, your summer reading celebration party or any day in between.  Our dances are teacher-led, age-appropriate and include a lot of props and surprises!

What are people saying about us?

Audra Bonfiglio, Woodbury Library

 "It was a wonderful program that fit the summer reading theme perfectly. I can tell that Housel Fun & Fitness took time to think about the lessons they were sharing with the children. I have had a lot of parents tell me that they loved the program."  

Sam Insetta, New Providence Library

 What a wonderful program. They were absolutely fantastic with the children (and adults!) They did such a great job getting them all involved and comfortable moving. The kids all had so much fun. I SO appreciated the emphasis on reading and the library; as well as the underlying messages of perseverance and dreaming big. THANK YOU!  

Victoria Bright, Emerson Library

 We've had Housel Fun & Fitness at the Emerson Library twice now and it was super fun both times! They are awesome! They were able to hold the kids attention for nearly 50 minutes and the kids had a blast. The books and activities were fun, engaging, and age appropriate too.  

Jailene Betancourt, Plainfield Library

Housel Fun & Fitness was awesome! Can't wait to book you guys again! On time, Reliable, and fun! Kids loved the teacher and the program!  

Alfred E., Stratford Library

I found Housel Fun & Fitness very personable and a pleasure to host. I received many complimentary comments from the library's patrons about the program that they organized and performed with the children.It was a great start for our Summer Reading Programs.

Robin Koerner, Kenilworth Library

We were very pleased with "The Sky's The Limit" show presented by Housel Fun & Fitness. The children were very engaged in the activities and the parents in attendance were very happy with this event. I appreciate the addition of Recycling connections made during this event which provided the funding for this program. I received nothing by excellent feedback and hope to invite Housel Fitness back to the library in the future.

Kristen Crepezzi, LBI Library

 Housel Fun & Fitness was wonderful. They even had parents up and dancing. The program was great! Working with them was a breeze. I loved the program and community feedback was wonderful.  

Emily Myhren, Midland Park

I would love to work with you again in the future. The program was so fun and taught important skills to live a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for giving the kids a great time.  

Joanne Friedman, Kearny Library

Loved the activities. Loved the book selection. There was just the right amount of reading. 

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